FIS and Dainese partner to study intelligent protection for Alpine Skiing

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 31, 2011 11:15 am

FIS and Dainese have signed a memorandum of understanding to investigate the potential application of air bag technology to top-level Alpine Skiing.

Both FIS and Dainese consider the safety and protection of athletes their highest priority. The new cooperation underscores the long-standing efforts to provide the athletes with state-of-the-art protection using latest technologies, in this case Dainese’s head-to-toe safety and intelligent protection systems that have shown their effectiveness in motorcycling.

The project, which started in 2010, is currently in a first data collection phase. Testers are fitted with a data-recording system based on an inertial platform that can record the dynamics involved in ski racing. Information collected during this phase will be used to determine the activation algorithm for the launch of the airbag, which is specially designed for Alpine Skiing. The project will continue for the next two years, until 2013.

“The new partnership with Dainese is the latest step in the FIS Injury Surveillance System which began five years ago. It benefits from the findings and data collected during the last four seasons and ideally complements the other current projects underway at the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center and the University of Salzburg,” commented FIS President Gian Franco Kasper.

“Protecting people in sport is a corporate ‘mission’ that has seen us engaged in a ceaseless process of research and innovation since 1972. It is a process that started with motorcycling and brought us an immense wealth of knowledge that we are proud now to apply to Alpine Skiing. Our commitment to the enthusiasts and champions of this sport began in the nineties, when we introduced the back protector, and continues with the D-Air intelligent protection system today. We are therefore honored to partner with the prestigious International Ski Federation with its longstanding dedication to safety in sport,” declared Lino Dainese, Chairman of Dainese S.p.A.

More information will be provided by FIS and Dainese in due course.