Wild Mountain local top US rider at World Cup Big Air event

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 1, 2011 7:39 am

Local Rider, Easton Gilman is the Top Rider in the US. Last weekend at the World Cup Big Air event in Denver, Colorado Easton Gilman from Chisago City placed 7th, the highest ranking American followed by Ian Thorley from Michigan in 11th.

Easton Gilman (16) grew up in Chisago City and started snowboarding at the age of 6 at Wild Mountain in Taylors Falls, MN. He began competing locally thru Wild Mountain’s Dteam program and won all of his competitions. In 2005 he joined the Gteam and started competing in the USASA circuit. For the last 2 years he began qualifying for the USSA events and travelled through the west competing. At the end of last season he placed 6th in Nationals in the Open Class against all ages, as a 15 year old.

Easton is a junior at Chisago Lakes High School, during the winter term he attends school via an on-line program thru Chisago Lakes. He is now trained and coached thru Windells Academy in Oregon.
photo: Karen Barnhart

Easton is currently ranked 23rd in FIS points for Big Air, the highest ranked US male. His next competition will be in March at Mammoth Mountain.

Easton is a great kid! He is a hard worker and always has a smile on his face. Even though he is now world famous, he hasn’t forgotten his small town roots! He loves the Chisago Lakes Area and is proud to call MN his home.

Easton is home in Chisago City now thru Feb. 8th. He plans to spend his time seeing his family and friends and of course snowboarding at Wild Mountain as often as he can.