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Only 21days to go until the start of the 2011 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships! Here is the latest Nordic Combined News from around the globe.



> No holidays, but active regeneration was last week’s motto in the Austrian team. Since Tuesday, the team has been training in Ramsau and Bischofshofen; a test event its scheduled for the coming Friday. 

> Next week, the athletes will move their training at their home bases in Seelfeld, Ramsau and Bischofshofen. Two more test events are scheduled in Oberstdorf between 13th and 17th February.

>The team for Oslo is not nominated yet; this will probably happen next week.

> Arrival in Oslo will be on 22nd February.



>The team will have a long training session at home after the exhausting preparation and competition week in Otepää during the Junior World Ski Championships. Only Karl-August Tiirmaa is going to the COC in Poland, all the other athletes will stay at home.

The plan is to rest for 4-5 days and then to start a training period where the team is focusing on cross-country skiing. In the third week of February, the athletes will go for the last camp before Oslo to Lahti.  There, the focus is on Large Hill jumping sessions. 

Four athletes will go to Oslo for certain; Kaarel Nurmsalu, Karl-August Tiirmaa, Aldo Leetoja and Kail Piho. Team Estonia still is considering taking  one junior in the team -  so the average age of the team wouldn’t be over 20 . 



>After the nice and successful weekend in Chaux-Neuve, the team had some days off.

> Last Saturday, the French  Cup took place in Courchevel (HS100), Jason Lamy Chappuis won in front of Sebastien Lacroix, Francois Braud and Maxime Laheurte.

> At the moment, the athletes are at home for basic training on skis and some power training for Ski Jumping

> The next training camp will be to Oslo/Lillehammer from 5th to 12th February

> Four athletes are nominated for the Worlds, the last athlete will be decided after the next two COC competitions.



> Until 6th February, Team Germany will train on the Ski Jumping Hills in Oslo. “We hope that we will build up a good feeling for these hills, and we hope that we can improve our jumping performances on this place”, coach Hermann Weinbuch said..

> There will be also a test event in Oslo

> Everybody’s healthy at the moment, and the Team is still celebrating the huge success of Johannes Rydzek (Gold and Silver) at the Junior Worlds few days ago.



> The two Continental Cup races in Eisenerz and the Italian Championships on 9th February will be count as qualifications for the last remaining places in the team.

> In Eisenerz, Giuseppe Michielle, Samuel Costa, Mattia Runggaldier und Felix Peselj will race.

> At the end of this week, the athletes not competing in Eisenerz will train in Villach.

> Armin Bauer, who injured a muscle in his right arm, is already training again, but is handicapped in the cross-country sessions.

> From 7th February, the athletes will train in Predazzo, after the Normal Hill Italian Championships, only the five Nordic Combiners who are selected for the Worlds will remain there. 



> After the World Cup competitions in France, the Japanese team trained in Oslo, where there were perfect conditions on both Normal and Large Hill and also on the cross-country course.

> On 1st February, the squad retourned home to Japan.

> The designated athltes for Oslo are Akito Watabe, Daito Takahashi, Taihei Kato, Norihito Kobayashi and Yusuke Minato.

> Watabe will go for two days to university near Tokyo and then move for training at his home town Hakuba. The other athletes flew home to Sapporo to train there in the current week. 



> Last weekend, there was the National Championship in Steinkjer. Mikko Kokslien won in front of Håvard Klemmetsen and Jonas Nermoen. After this, Team Norway did the final selection for the World Championships. The athletes are: Kokslien, Magnus Moan, Klemetsen, Jan Schmid and Gudmund Storlien.

> This week, the athletes are training at home with their teams. From Monday on, the athletes will train in Lillehammer for 5 days.

> On the 19th and 20th February, test competitions are scheduled with some other nations in Lillehammer.



> After the last competitions in Chaux Neuve, the team split up to go into different directions and do different tasks. Tommy Schmid, Christian Erichsen and Felix Kläsi set off for Turkey to represent Switzerland at the World University Games in Erzurum. After some rather unsatisfying results in the World Cup, the team gained some success to build up self-confidence: Tommy Schmid won Gold and Bronze in the individual competitions and, together with his teammates, another Bronze medal in the team event.

> The rest of the team stayed at home to get some easy sessions on skis and to keep up the competition rhythm. The coaches staged a test race and plan to go to the COC to Eisenerz this weekend.

> Afterwards, a short break is scheduled just before a training camp in Oberstdorf.


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