Made in the USA: Epix Snowboards

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 3, 2011 11:01 am

Epix Snowboards began in 2003 with a simple idea.  Give the customer what they want. Exactly what they want to be more specific.  From custom graphics to construction, Epix Snowboards offer a full range of options. Epix is growing rapidly in output, number of employees and recognition of a quality board. They use new, state of the art presses, machinery, and boast a production capacity of 10,000 boards per shift per year.

Epix sales are increasing dramatically as their popularity soars with both experienced and novice snowboarders. A young company in spirit and age who make unbelievable snowboards.  They’ve got a great website too,

A history of Epix 


2003- Epix stared in Keego Harbor, MI
2006- Moved to a larger building in Holly, MI
2009- Moved to Ortonville, MI and created the Epix compound


Joe Szewczyk got into the board sport industry by working for Goode Ski Technologies fresh out of high school. Goode built water skis, snow skis, carving boards, and composite ski poles.


After brief stint working for a snowboard manufacturer, Joe and his childhood best friend Brooksie started their own snowboard company in 1998. They concentrated on rental and promotional boards. But all good things must come to an end, and both guys decided to move on by the start of 2002.


Joe went to work for Red Bull, executing sports marketing events and later moved into the corporate world as a Team Manager. This time at Red Bull taught him the importance of grass roots marketing, and introduced him to our friends at Huck Finn and Middle Earth, our local USASA series.


During his time, Joe was approached by Tim Sheppard from TWC (a local shop), about getting back into the business, using industrial space Tim owned, doing tuning and making boards for TWC. Joe jumped at this opportunity and Epix was born!


In 2006, Epix out grew the building in Keego Harbor and moved into a larger facility right behind Mt. Holly. During this time, Epix as it exists today was formed. Carlie Trapp took over the front office, helping with much of the marketing as well. Gustav Gerlach was introduced to us, and began working on designs and building our brand identity.  With their help, Joe was finally able to focus more on sales and growing the company.


In 2009, it was decided it was time to make an investment purchasing a house with a large outbuilding, creating the Epix compound. After a lot of work, Epix is finally in its permanent location and ready to rock and roll producing high quality snowboards for experts and beginners alike.


What exactly does Epix do? 


We manufacture snowboards and snow skates; make clothing and trinkets (patches, bandanas, etc), rehab and tune boards, and anything else we decide to do!

What does building a snowboard entail?


Putting all the parts together and a lot of work…It entails laying up the board with epoxy (base, fiberglass, edge, rubber foil, inserts, core, tip/tail fill, sidewalls, more fiberglass and top sheet), pressing the board, and finishing the board (grinding the sides, tip/tail sanding, base sanding, waxing).

What are our roles?


What does Carlie do? Accounts receivable and invoicing, accounts payable, filing lots of paperwork, Facebook, answering random emails, answering the phone, helping in the shop when needed…
What does Joe do? Builds boards, finishes boards, makes Epix clothing, stickers, banners, pretty much everything
What does Gustav do? Website, Facebook, designs boards, designs clothing, anything creative


How did we get started?
See above

Where do we see Epix Snowboards going?


Any where the path leads us…We want to continue building on our successes, learning from our failures, building American made products and taking those products national, then global!

Advice for others, starting their own business… etc.
Do what you love and work hard. Persistence pays off, nothing worth having comes easy, therefore, take the good with the bad. Tomorrow is a new day.
Visit Epix Snowboards and see what the buzz is all about!