Daron Rahlves Bonzai Tour heads to Kirkwood + video recap of Alpine

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 5, 2011 7:12 am

The unique event, Rahlves Banzai Tour, heads to Kirkwood February 5-6 after a successul first stop at Alpine Meadows. For more information on Tour stops and other tidbits, please visit the banai website at rahlvesbanzai.com.  Enjoy the vid…  Here are the top finishers from the last event.

Men’s Ski
1. Marcus Caston
2. Errol Kerr
3. Brian Sheehan
4. Jesse MaddexWomen’s Ski
1. Shannon Rahlves
2. Shelly Robertson
3. Chloe Georges
4. Langely McNeal
Men’s Snowboard
1. Sylvain Duclos
2. Graham Watanabe
3. Matt Clark
4. Jayson Hale
Women’s Snowboard
1. Alison Martin
2. Courtney Baker
3. Amanda Spence