Lindsey Vonn questions safety of race hill at Alpine World Championships

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 7, 2011 8:16 am

The following is from Lindsey Vonn’s facebook page.  Ski racing is dangerous enough and appearantly the course for the upcoming World Championships is bullet proof and nasty.  Good luck to all the racers and go USA!

“I have something I need to say. I am not trying to complain or be negative, but I feel strongly that this is an important safety issue that needs to be brought up. It is something that’s on everyone’s mind but everyone is afraid to bring it up. I just finished freeskiing the World champs super G race hill and I was shocked and disappointed at the condition of the hill. The hill is extremely bumpy pond ice from top to bottom. It has clearly been injected or hosed down with a ton of water. I have never seen a course prepared like this in my entire career, nothing even close. In my opinion the hill is WAY too icy and downright unsafe! I find it very hard to believe that the FIS has any concern for the safety of the athletes when the World Championships race hill is prepared like a bumpy ice rink. I fear there will be a lot of DNF’s and crashes in the coming days. LV “


photo: redbull photo files