Nokero partners with Chris Del Bosco to donate 1,000 solar light bulbs to Kenya

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 8, 2011 3:34 pm

Denver, USA —  The world’s only solar light bulb company, Nokero International Ltd., has partnered with Skicross World Champion Chris Del Bosco to donate 1,000 solar light bulbs to Kenya.  This donation was made to celebrate his victory at the 2011 FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships at Deer Valley Sunday.

More than 1.6 billion people worldwide live without electricity, and often burn kerosene or other fossil fuels for light.  Breathing the fumes from these lights is like smoking 40 cigarettes a day.

Del Bosco is raising money through the Ski 4 Light program ( to bring Nokero solar light bulbs, which are specifically designed to eliminate the use of kerosene worldwide, to Kenya.

With Del Bosco’s victory, Nokero pledged to donate 1,000 bulbs to the Ski 4 Light program.

Del Bosco is bringing awareness to the problem of kerosene use by racing in an LED helmet which spells the word “NOKERO” in lights across his brow. He was wearing the helmet during his Silver Medal performance in the X Games in Aspen, Colo., as well as at his championship run at Deer Valley, Utah, Sunday.