IU holds collegiate premier of ‘The Story’

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 9, 2011 12:10 pm

by – Aaron Siegal-Eisman

The IU Ski and Snowboard Club organized a The mid-day showing of the Ski Channel’s “The Story” at Indiana University went flawless.

The IU Ski and Snowboard Club organized the event.

The Officers of the Ski and Snowboard club planned the event out with the IU Union Board’s Films committee.

Before the movie began, IU Alumni and CEO of the Ski Channel Steve Bellamy appeared in a video sent in from California about the hard work that went into the filming of this project.

“The Story” has been shown in a variety of movie festivals, but these college students are ski enthusiasts, who have a passion for the sport.

The movie brought the audience through a rollercoaster of emotion with breathtaking shots to passionate interviews with famous skiers.

Quickly after the movie was done it was followed by a Q & A from special guest Paralympian Stephani Victor.

Longtime coach and husband Marcel Kounen accompanied Victor to the event.

“The Q & A was great, we got down to the nitty gritty of Marcel and their relationship,” Mark Fischer, Vice President of the IU Ski and Snowboard Club said. “People got to know her more on a personal level.”

Victor was also in the movie as her inspirational story was told in one of the last scenes.

“I think the movie has many powerful messages by deeply getting involved in each of the persons who appear in the movie you learn very intimate lessons from them,” Victor said.

Fischer worked to find someone from the Ski world to speak to their members and would leave an impact.

“She is one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met,” Fischer said.

The club members would agree that they found the perfect person to talk to the audience because of her openness to answer any question.

The main part of getting students to come was the promotion.

Promoting the event was a major task for Fischer to get ahold of the social and media outlets. 8

“Through social networks and the IDS (IU’s Newspaper) here, which hits all the students on campus for promotions,” Fischer said.

The promoting led to a good turnout and helped to have a Paralympian there.

Most of the club members were happy with the film and so was Victor with her part in the movie.

“We are very proud of the film,” Victor said. “I was incredibly proud to appear in a film with my skiing legends like Lynsey Dyer, Lindsey Vohn, Bode Miller, and Willy Bogner”.

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Aaron Siegal-Eisman
Indiana Daily Student
National Sports Columnist