Windells ski academy partners with advantage online private school

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 10, 2011 6:11 pm

Planning on shredding the features at Windells Academy this summer?

Now you can do it and not worry about making it a summer habit.

Student athletes are now able to study a diverse curriculum
while maintaining a rigorous practice schedule, resulting from a newly
formed relationship between Advantages Online Private School and
Windells Academy, an extreme sports school at Mount Hood, Oregon.

According to Michele Hepburn, Jamieson Skinner’s mother, the
flexibility of studying through Advantages Online Private School
offers great balance for education and athletics. “Due to the ease of
where and when Jamieson can complete his Advantages coursework, not
only does he excel in his studies, he is able to stay competitive with
his athletics and operate an online snowboard apparel company.”

“Advantages offers hundreds of courses at the pace best suited for a
student’s learning,” said Allison Dampier, co-founder of Advantages.
“That philosophy makes us a perfect match for Windells and for
students all over the world who require an accessible education model.”
Two exceptional Windells students using Advantages are Nick Goepper
who recently placed third in The North Face Park and Pipe Open Series
and now has is sights set on the 2011 X-Games, and Jamieson Skinner
who is attending the globally acclaimed Lord Somers Leadership Academy
in Australia.

Similar to students at Windells with varied schedules and considerable
travel requirements, Advantages is providing coursework to the high
school basketball team from Findlay College Prep at Henderson
International School, young professional tennis players and working
actors and models throughout the world. Additionally, students in
public and private schools are utilizing Advantages’ comprehensive
online education model, taking everything from credit recovery courses
to unique classes not offered at their own schools.

It’s a great way to go after your passion while still getting a quality education.                                                         photo: Bud Fawcett