Lindsey Vonn takes the Silver at the World Championships, Mancuso 6th, Ross 10th

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 13, 2011 7:21 am

She’s back in action and feeling good!  Lindsey  Vonn has recovered from her concussion and raced to the Silver medal at the World Championships.  On soft snow conditions the American won her fifth Worlds medal and Austrian Elisabeth Goergl took the Gold with hometown favorite Maria Riesch taking Bronze. 

Julia Mancuso finished in the top ten with fellow American Laurenne Ross placing 6th and 10th, repsectfully.


Lindsey Vonn
“Today feels like a gold medal. It’s a really great feeling and I couldn’t be happier. I could feel the speed today. I think I made some really good turns and I was happy with my skiing. There were great conditions out there. It was a fun downhill and I enjoyed racing it.”
“Lizzy [Goergl] has stepped up and she’s done incredibly well. Her runs were amazing. I watched her run from the super combined and I thought ‘wow’. She’s stepping up and it’s really cool to see. She’s a really hard worker and a very nice person. It’s fun to see people really step up in World Championship events. I’m really happy for her.”
“Of course I’d love to do the team event. I’d love to do the GS and slalom as well. But I don’t know if that’s the best thing right now. I’m going to talk to my doctors and my husband and we’ll make that decision. I haven’t made a decision yet.”

Julia Mancuso
“The surface is actually really good. My game plan was just to take risks and make sure to not give myself any room for mistakes. I executed the second half of the course, but unfortunately I’m not sure where the time when on the top part.”

“It’s amazing how different your strategy has to be if the snow changes and it’s amazing how different the course can change. Today it was like frozen spring skiing as opposed to the ice we had in the first training run.”
“Worlds is one of those things were you have to enjoy it, but then if you don’t succeed you have to let it go. I’m really impressed by the crowd here. It’s one of the best crowds we’ve had at a World Championships.”
Laurenne Ross
“This is the best result of my career and I’m glad that it happened at World Champs. I really nailed the bottom part of the course. I knew coming into the difficult section that I had to nail it. It wasn’t a perfect run, but it was one of the better runs that I’ve had.”
“It got a lot softer over the last couple of days. The first day when we free skied before the super G it was insanely hard, but now it’s like there’s not even a patch of ice left – it’s like slush spring snow.”
“I say props to her [Vonn] for coming out here and for getting second. That’s a pretty incredible accomplishment after such an injury and I’m proud of her.”
photo: redbull photo files