Alpine World Championship notes with Doug Haney

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 14, 2011 8:41 am

The following is an update from Doug Haney, the Alpine Press Officer for the US Ski and Snowboard Association.  He is kind enough to share with us updates, insight and thoughts to life on the road on the World Cup circuit.  Always informative and a great read.  Thanks, Doug

-  Well, this isn’t exactly breakfast in bed, but a little World Championship super combined action is just as good – right? Happy St. Valentine’s Day.

 Yesterday’s warm temps and last night’s freeze put a solid sheen on the speed track this morning, but it also has smoothed out quite a bit. The speed portion today was an hour earlier than Saturday’s DH start which means more shadows and colder temps. Here are the notes:

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany – men’s super combined

-       Laurenne Ross said it best on Friday, “this is a World Championship super combined.” Why? First of all they go from the top. In a lot of cases there is a lower start for SC, like in Wengen. Second, Gudiberg is a slalom venue. Like Schladming, it’s steep from start to finish and makes the athletes work the entire way – it’s also pretty long. Most super combined races are set at the bottom of the speed track, which is normally pretty flat. That’s not the case here.


-       Shred is in a good position. He’s 2.85 off Mr. Svindal, the reigning World SC champ. That sounds like a lot, but the difference is that Ted is a really good slalom skier. Most of the guys in front of him lean more towards the speed end of things. Couple that with the factthat Raich, Jansrud and Zrncic-Dim are behind him, plus Kostelic and Janka are not playing…well, it’s safe to say he has a good opportunity. He agrees – here’s some audio of Ted after round one:


-       Bode is .33 up on Ted and if the 2010 Olympics are any indication of his ability in super combined, then we’re in for a show. He’s been doing some on-camera work for Eurosport this week. Part of the gig is answering questions on-air for fans. This one has been my favorite:


Dear Bode, we are from Germany and enthusiastic skiers.­ Since you’re not only an excellent and­ extraordinary skier but also a fascinating personality­we decided to name our first child, a son, born on 4th­ of March 2010, after you. Of course, we hope that­ “Little Bode” will become a skier as soon as­ he’s able to walk ;-) and enjoy this sport, too.­ And here’s our question: we are going to attend the­ FIS Ski Wold Championshipin Garmisch this weekend­ (Friday to Sunday). Is there any chance to arrange a­ meeting of “Big Bode” and “Little­ Bode”? It would be a pleasure and honour for us…­ (good luck for winning a lot of medals in Garmisch and­ enjoy working for Eurosport!) Kindest regards!


-       Timmy Jit is in this one too and got the ride of his life from bib one this morning. Jit has been racing almost exclusively World Cup GS this season, but does throw in some slalom training and Europa Cup starts, but he’s definitely shy on the DH training. That being said, he did a good job battling and will have the primo start position for the slalom. He was 29th in the DH, meaning he goes bib 2 in the second round. Even Ted was saying he wished a few more guys would have beat him sohe’d have a better slalom start position.

We’re rolling to Gudiberg with this one starting at 8 a.m. ET live on The replay, with expert commentary from Steve Porino and Co. beams to your TV box at noon. A World Championship medal is definitely better than sending chocolates – let’s go boys.



 Doug Haney

Alpine Press Officer

U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association