Movements skis draws a crowd at the recent SIA snow show

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 15, 2011 12:37 pm

They came, they saw, they flexed.

The record-breaking crowd of retailers at January’s SIA Snow Show trade show made Movement Skis one of their top stops of the week-long event, taking time out of their packed schedules to check in with the new Rocky Mountain-based team.

 While retailers checked in with the new faces behind the brand that  relocated its North American base to Colorado in early January, they did what any other card-carrying, red-blooded American skier would do in the presence of am impressive array of big mountain freeride and freestyle skis.

They fondled them.

Movement Skis 2011-12 collection is based on the same foundation that racked up a shelf-full of awards in 2009 and 2010. That formula includes pure wood ski core construction, certified sustainable by FSC and PEFC organizations; extra-thick mounting plates and rubber reinforced edges for extreme durability; exclusive high energy laminates and fibers for customized performance high molecular weight bases for speed and performance; and unique shock absorption technologies for a smooth and perfect ride, every time.

“The most common thing we heard in the booth was ‘I can’t wait to ski these.’ We must’ve heard that a couple hundred times,” said Jonathan Degenhardt, brand manager for Movement Skis. “There’s no doubt that there’s strong demand out there for Movement Skis.”

With both rack appeal and a strong on-snow reputation, Movement’s family of skis for 2011-12 includes:

Movement Freeride

The Super Turbo destroys the competition with substantial width underfoot and an aggressive core construction designed to annihilate both powder and crud. (192, 202cm; 144-115-129mm; MSRP $1049).

NEW! Lively and powerful, the Trust is capable of extraordinary performance in all conditions. Long early-rise rocker tips tame difficult snow, and a refreshing flat tail snaps turns where twin-tips wash out (178, 186, 194cm; 141-108-129mm; MSRP $929).

The Source is the perfect all-mountain ski, blending carving capability on the firmest snow with just enough width to keep you smiling on light and deep days (169, 177, 185, 193cm; 135-94-121mm; MSRP $819).

The true ‘quiver of one,’ the Sluff behaves precisely and predictably at high speeds, particularly in difficult conditions. The perfect tool for technical descents (174, 184, 194cm; 134-99-118 mm; MSRP $859).

Armed with a healthy sidecut and a firm flex, the Jam is a powerful, dynamic ski aimed at aggressive skiers looking for all-around performance at all speeds (164, 173, 182cm; 136-85-117mm; MSRP $779).

 Movement Freeride Women

The Tattoo is a no-compromise solution for female skiers. Armed with long, progressive tips, the Tattoo absorbs shocks and vibrations easily, making it super stable in diverse terrain and high speed. (159, 167, 175cm; 134-94-120mm; MSRP $819)

NEW! The Flair is the quintessential mid-fat all-mountain ski, with long tips for multi-terrain stability and a shorter effective edge for lively and easy turn-initiation. (155, 163, 171cm; 125-86-114mm; MSRP $729)

Movement Freestyle

NEW! In the park or in the back bowls, the Mosquito is a perfect new-school quiver of one. Versatile, easy to ski, and perfectly tailored for that skier who wants to dominate the entire mountain. (172, 180cm; 130-94-122mm; MSRP $719)


NEW! The Scoop is a lively ski that can be used in and out of the park, on the piste and for big powder days. Long, progressive tips keep you surfing on the deep stuff, and the vertical laminate wood core keeps the ride smooth and the landings clean. (164, 172, 180cm; 132-102-122mm; MSRP $759)

With massive width and a huge tip profile, the Fly Swatter slices through deep snow and difficult conditions without a second thought. The ski features a progressive flex pattern, short turning radius, superb balance in the air, and a mega-rockered tip and tail. (175, 185cm; 150-125-145mm; MSRP $979)

 Movement Adventure

NEW! The Pariah blends the best of light weight approach technology with a snappy, solid downhill profile. Ideal for mixed high-alpine terrain, with a slightly upturned tail for better function with skins. (170, 177, 185cm; 126-93-114mm; MSRP $789)

NEW! The Blaster is ideal for steep terrain, where a mix of short jump turns and controlled steering are essential. Rigid underfoot construction provides excellent hold and easy turning on hard snow, while long tips up the enjoyment level in the soft stuff. (157, 165, 173, 181cm; 124-86-114mm; MSRP $759)

The Jackal is the most versatile, lightweight fat ski on the market today. Designed it for those who ski off-piste or tour to the deepest stashes, the Jackal’s perfect flex gives it a very edgy and carvy feel (170, 177, 185, 192cm; 136-105-124mm; MSRP $849).