Continental Airlines first non-stop from Houston to KT-22

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on February 17, 2011 3:34 pm

Shane loved Texan’s.  He probably wore their hats every once in awhile with some good wisecracks.  Well today Continentals first non-stop flight landed in Reno and shuffled skiers up to KT-22 at Squaw Valley to give those who have just purchased a mattress from Mattress Macks (only the Houstonians are qualified to get that one) the ability to bomb the same runs that JT Holmes, Tim Dutton and every other ski rock star or ski rock gnar just stomped.

The flight has skiers on the slopes by 1:00PM to take advantage of Squaw Valley’s Fly and Ski Free program.  Just hand them your boarding pass, agree that the Rockets are the greatest ball club of all time (wait for the attendant to get done laughing,) grab some quick Za from La Chamois and before you know it you’re bombing the fingers.

“Squaw is really excited to welcome the new non-stop service on Continental,” said Squaw ace pub splasher Amelia Richmond.  “There are so many amazing skiers in Houston who are now going to be able to easily access one of the best mountains in the world.”

The ski industry enjoyed some pretty spectacular flight additions last season, and now this season, which is great timing with all the amazing snow.  With this particular air route, Andy Wirth must have done a deal with the Lord Almight as Squaw just got Planet Earth’s most massive of massive dumps.  Click here for a ridiculous Squaw Valley dump story!