Colorado freeride championships have snowy competition weekend

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 28, 2011 6:43 am

The Colorado Freeride Championships rapped up today in Snowmass after athletes patiently waited for heavy snowfall and winds to settle down after a delayed start to the competition on both Friday and Saturday.  There was an upside to the weather as athletes fresh snow to compete in. Below are the top three athletes in each field. 

Men’s ski finals went down Sunday in Snowmass.  Due to weather each athlete was given one run as their final run to lay it all out on the line.  The snowboard finals were held on Saturday, also with the competitors getting only one run.


Men’s Ski:

1st – Bryan Calcaterra – $1,900

2nd – Sam Steen – $900

3rd – Tim Swartz – $500


Men’s Snowboard:

1st – Casey Vandenbroek – $1,000

2nd – Eric Angus, Aspen/Snowmass Athlete – $400

3rd – Jim O’Conner – $200


Women’s Snowboard:

1st – Rachel Sheidow – $500

2nd – Ivana Crone

3rd – Julia Turelli


Women’s Ski:

1st – Hillary Procknow – $1000

2nd – Carly Koczera – $400

3rd – Morgan Young – $200



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