Deep powder day: Jesse Hall harvesting Alta

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 1, 2011 12:13 pm

Jesse Hall is a high flying, base jumping, big air searching powder hound who spends his time at Alta snorkling on skis through deep powder. I think i even saw him at the judges table during the Subaru Freeskiing World Tour stop at Crested Butte.  He got banned from pre running those events in 2004 when he hucked his meat about 100 feet over the Amphitheatre at Snowbird. This video is from last Saturday on a ‘typical’ Alta powder day.  It was deep and Jesse gives us what we want.  Skiing off cliff after cliff.  After you watch this video, check out this video of him speed flying Mt. Superior across the street from Alta.  Then,  if you like you can watch a video of his ski base jumping antics here….