Ryan Hawks passes away after freeskiing injury

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 2, 2011 7:06 am

Ryan Hawks passd away Tuesday morning from injuries sustained after jumping a cliff at the recent freeskiing championships at Kirkwood.  Back flipping a rather large cliff he landed on hard snowpack and suffered  a head injury, collapsed lung, lacerated kidney, a vertebrae fracture, and pelvis fracture. Previous competitors hit the same cliff earlier and landed in deep powder, but Ryan took it with more speed and landed further down where the snow was firm.

Ryan was from Burlington, Vermont and took time away from school at the University of Vermont to ski in the winter.  He travelled from comp to comp on the freeride world tour in a van with his fellow east coasters, Lars and Silas Chickering Ayers.  He was very well liked, loved the community associated with skiing and the tour he followed.  He was part of the Green Mountain Freeride Crew and will be missed by many.