Anderson and Guldemond take slopestyle Grand Prix at Mammoth

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 4, 2011 7:35 pm

Author of Story: Lindsey Sin/USSA.ORG

The sun was shining down as local favorite Chaz Guldemond (Reno, NV) and Jamie Anderson (South Lake Tahoe, CA) put together incredible slopestyle snowboarding runs to win the Paul Mitchell Progression Session during the Sprint U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix at Mammoth Mountain.

The competition, which featured two rails, a “dance floor” and a series of jumps, awarded a $7,500 prize purse to the winner, not to mention ample rations of Paul Mitchell products to style their hair.

The men’s competition was anyone’s game thanks to some on course spills that opened the doors to the field. Stratton Mountain School’s Spencer Shaw (Stratton Mountain, VT) led following the first run and held the spot throughout run two until Guldemond swooped in for the win during the last run of the competition.

Shaw whipped out a backside 9 and front 10 to take second and Brett Esser (Silverthorne, CO) had a cab 10 and a backside 10 in his run for third.

The women’s competition was slightly less suspenseful as Anderson led out of the gate, throwing a back 3 that set her apart from the group of women competitors. Her second run was a killer victory lap, putting together another backside 3 and some huge airs.

Anderson was followed in second by Danielle Adams (Evergreen, CO) and Jamie Madrid (Fontana, CA) for third.

The Sprint U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix continues Saturday with men’s and women’s halfpipe. Click on the link to watch it live at and follow the announcers live Twitter updates at!/GrandPrix_Live.

1. Chaz Guldemond, Reno, NV, 28.00
2. Spencer Shaw, Stratton Mountain, VT, 26.10
3. Brett Esser, Silverthorne, CO, 24.40
4. Ryan Hryckiewicz, Morgan, VT, 23.50
5. Christopher Tierney, Bondville, VT, 22.10
6. Wylie Adams, Carbondale, CO, 21.00
7. Ryan Stassel, Anchorage, 24.40
8. Caden Michnal, Kalispell, MT, 19.70
9. Ian Hart, Lexington, MA, 19.50
10. Ben Ferguson, Bend, OR, 19.40
11. Colin Spencer, Lakewood, CO, 18.40
12. Seth Hill, Breckenridge, CO, 18.00
13. Jd Dennis, Bend, OR, 17.00
14. Nicholas Sibayan, Wrightwood, CA, 14.30
15. Nick Julius, Sterling, MA, 13.30
16. Benji Farrow, Mt Holly, VT, 11.90

1. Jamie Anderson, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 28.00
2. Danielle Adams, Evergreen, CO, 17.20
3. Jamie Madrid, Fontana, CA, 15.70
4.  Elin Tortorice, Franconia, NH, 14.60
5. Nirvana Ortanez, La Jolla, CA, 13.80
6. Caty O’Connor, Auburn, CA, 12.40
7. Ty Walker, Stowe, VT, 8.90