Coming to the ski channel: Storm show studios 300

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 4, 2011 11:56 am

The Storm Show crew has persevered the drought-ridden 300″ winter of 2006-07. Dwindling snowfall across the country may have hampered the efforts of some, but Jackson’s local skiers and riders show that they will never be victim to circumstance. Less snowfall has equated to steeper, rockier, and more exposed lines– the stuff Jacksonites live for…

Storm Show breaks away from their traditional JH ski films by traveling around the globe to locales such as France, Alaska, and British Columbia. Stuntman Matt Combs continues to break new ground with the emerging sport of speed-flying: skiing exposed lines that end in certain death, with the only escape being his trusty paraglider, which he flies away in a 007-style only he can deliver.

300 inches, it’s what you make of it…

300 will begin airing on The Ski Channel  March 10th until May 10th.  Click here to learn how to watch The Ski Channel on demand.