2 feet of freshies and more headed for the Rockies

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 6, 2011 3:40 pm

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The Chase is on!  Powder is beginning to crank in the Wasatch currently with over 7 inches in the past 3 hours at Alta taking direct aim at Northern Colorado for Sunday night where I can expect 12-14 inches by Monday AM at Steamboat as well as respectable amounts for Vail pass (7-10) and Beaver Creek under Westerly Flow.   The Wasatch will do well until midnight tonight (9-13) and tapor off until the main event arrives Monday afternoon through Tuesday (14-22 inches).  My chase jumped me out of bed at 3am with a quick look at the snow data from Jackson Hole sending me out the door from Salt Lake City to Teton Village with white out conditions, narrowly missing deer and at one time a massive bird with over a 10 foot wing span who flew up in front of my car sending me  into a skid frenzy to avoid the massive creature that at 4:30 AM gave me an adreneline jolt! Jackson Hole had 16 inches overnight and I was lucky to get there by 8AM only to be faced with a 3-4 tram wait by some hungry locals calling it one of the most epic days of the year!  Snow is still falling lightly but the real action tonight will be in Northern Colorado, and the Wasatch however Utah will shut down in the evening when Steamboat and Beaver Creek start cranking. My chase will most likely take me to Steamboat but that decision might be last minute?


Monday-Tuesday (The main event) EPIC ALERT


Snow will turn heavy in the Wasatch by 2pm on Monday and continue through Tuesday morning under Southwest flow (12-20 inches) eventually dumping epic amounts over the San Juans, Crested Butte, and Silverton by early Tuesday morning (9-16).  Snow will increase again on Tuesday late morning to PM over the central and Northern mountains of Colorado as the winds turn to the Northwest so Vail, Steamboat and areas along I-70 will see decent snow again Tuesday during the day into the evening hours. Snow will linger on Vail Pass Tuesday night for a few more inches for Wednesday morning.   The highest amounts by Tuesday  AM will most likely favor the Southern Mountains of Colorado and the Southern Wasatch! I think Crested Butte might be a sure bet?


The Chase?


Today- Jackson Hole (Deep), Snowbird (Getting Deep)

Monday- Steamboat, Beaver Creek (11-14), Wasatch left overs but deep.

Monday PM (Snowbird, Alta, Getting deep by late in the day)

Tuesday- Crested Butte (11-18), Silverton, Wasatch, Aspen (8-11)

Tuesday PM  Vail Valley will see heavy snow as the wind shift occurs and move over I-70