Winter Project releases episode 3

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 8, 2011 11:30 am

Winter Project is an independent ski/snowboard movie company from Sweden. Founded in 2007 by professional skier Adam Falk and photographer Nicke Jacobsson.

Winter Project is created by skiers and not by someone behind a desk. The concept is based on that all riders that participate in the films also participate in the idea and the creating. By doing so the films will reflect the true life of these individuals in a natural way and every film made will have its own style and idea. In other words, intense lifestyle documentaries mixed with the skiing from some of the world’s best skiers.

Winter Project releases their third web-episode for the season. Flying over to the states to ride some pow. Be sure to check out for daily updates!

Filmed and edited by: Nicke Jacobsson, Adam Falk.  Riders: Anton Silvola, Olof Larsson, Adam Falk, Tyler Ceccanti