Mammoth hosts 2nd annual college games and hyper crush concert in March

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 10, 2011 9:39 am

The 2nd annual College Games presented by Fuel TV come to Mammoth March 18th -20th.  20 teams of 5 will have the opportunity to compete for an unrestricted 2011/12 Mammoth Season Pass (1 for each person on the team).  The school name of the winning team will be engraved on the Mammoth/Fuel TV trophy.  All 5 on a team must be from the same school, must have no less than 2 girls per team and must have a day ticket or seasons pass to participate. (The restricted college pass is normally blocked out on Saturdays but will be valid for Saturday, March 19). Swim suits/board shorts recommended. 

Most creative bikini will be judged by 2 celebrity pro snowboarders, winner gets an unrestricted 2011/12 Mammoth Seasons Pass. 

Most creative carry case or way of carrying your ID and/or season pass while in swim suit will be judged and a special prize will be awarded. This is going to be a good prize – details to be announced!      

The team with the most points after all 5 events (listed below) will receive an unrestricted 2011/12 Mammoth Season Pass.

In addition the College Games madness, Mammoth is hosting Hyper Crush as part of their concert series.  Hyper Crush’s latest mix of electro, pop and hip hop beats will be grooving into the night on march19th.  Donny and Holly will rock the vocals while Preston breaks out the keytar and turntables. These three mad geniuses are set on ruling the world with their poppy hits “Ayo” and “Keep Up” but before they do – watch them live in Mammoth at Canyon Lodge. Tickets are only $10 in advance with valid college ID, $15 in advance or $20 at the door, if there’s any left.