Nordic Combined event review: Chappuis defends overall title

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 11, 2011 8:33 am

With a third place in Lahti today, Olympic Champion and World Champion Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA) defended his Overall World Cup title with success. Winner was Bjoern Kircheisen in front of his German team-mate Eric Frenzel.

After the Ski Jumping portion, Norway’s Haavard Klemetsen was in the lead. He delivered a 127.5 m-jump and got 130.3 points. Second was Wilhelm Denifl (AUT/126.0 m/129.5 points), third was Kaarel Nurmsalu (EST/130.5 m/129.2 points). Lamy Chappuis was in fourth place, 20 seconds behind Klemetsen. Bjoern Kircheisen was in 12th position, 62 seconds back.

The Cross-Country race developed more or less as expected. Jason Lamy Chappuis was able to close the gap to the leading Klemetsen, Denifl and Kaarel Nurmsalu (EST) in the first lap; in the second, the Frenchman broke away together with Denifl, but with Kircheisen, Frenzel and others just 7.5 seconds behind. In the third lap, a five men strong group was leading the race, and in the fourth, Kircheisen went for victory.

It was his 15th World Cup victory (the fourth in Lahti after 2005, 2006, 2007) in Kircheisen’s 165th appereance.

At the finish line, Kircheisen had an advantage of 5.4 seconds on Frenzel and 13.2 seconds on Lamy Chappuis. Wilhelm Denifl finished in fourth and equaled his best World Cup results from Ramsau and Trondheim in 2008. Mikko Kokslien (NOR) improved from 20th rank at half-time to final eight, Felix Gottwald (AUT) delivered the fastest Cross-Country time in 23:57.0 minutes

Continuing to struggle with the jumping portion of the nordic combined, American Billy Demong sat in 36th heading into the cross country race, two minutes forty seconds back. Needing to make up a lot of ground in the 10k, Demong had trouble finding his stride posting the 18th fastest time to place 29th. Bryan Fletcher (Steamboat Springs, CO) finished just outside the points in 33rd.


Today’s Top Three:

1. Bjoern Kircheisen (GER)           114.7 (12)    24:26.6 (2)    25:28.6 minutes

2. Eric Frenzel (GER)                     121.3 (5)      24:58.0 (9)    +5.4

3. Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA)    125.3 (4)     25:21.8 (15)  +13.2


Full results:


Overall World Cup standing:

1. Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA) 849 (winner, 2. Mikko Kokslien (NOR) 641, 3. Felix Gottwald (AUT) 578, 4. Mario Stecher (AUT) 481, 5. Eric Frenzel (GER) 4746Bjoern Kircheisen (GER) 419.


Full standings:



Bjoern Kircheisen - first

“The World Championships were not really satisfying for me, but I thought: In Lahti, we all start again from zero.”

“I had an excellent jumping attempt and great equipment during the Cross.Country race. Our technicians have done a great job.”

“I did not start that fast because of the slow track but attacked at the right moment during the last lap. I’m happy about my fourth World Cup victory here in Lahti.”


Eric Frenzel – second

“Between the Worlds and Lahti, I spent few days at home with my family. It was very nice an relaxing.”

“It is nice to see that it becomes some kind of habbit having always two Germans on the podium.” (it happened also at the Worlds in the two Individual competitions.)

“I had a nice jump but a difficult race, with Lamy Chappuis 16 seconds in front of me and a gap behind. But when Kircheisen came up, it was easier und together we caught Lamy Chappuis.”


Jason Lamy Chappuis - third

“My intention was to win the necessary points to secure the overall. However, I competed for victory.”

“The jump was okay but not my best one. During the Cross-Country race, I thought that Frenzel would catch me earlier and that we would ski together. But when he came up, he brought a whole group with him…”