Kjersti Buaas & Charles Reid win The Jam at the Burton US Open

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 14, 2011 10:22 am

The weather cleared and a big crowd came out tonight for The Jam at the Burton US Open, presented by MINI, with Kjersti Buaas (NOR) and Charles Reid (CAN) claiming the top spots and $10,000 cash. 43 men and 14 women threw down in a super unique setup never before seen in competitive snowboarding. With features like a bridge and tunnel combo, double quarterpipes, an urban wallride and plenty of rails, the riders had all kinds of ways to get creative.
“I’m super stoked on the event,” said Charles Reid. “I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and I’m really happy that I did as well as I did.”  
Kjersti Buaas took the lead towards the end of the event with a backside alley-oop stalefish. Kjersti said the event was amazing because there were features for everyone – from riders who like to ride pipe and street rails to hips and transitions.

For 90 minutes, riders like Ethan Deiss, Zak Hale, Yale Cousino, Danny Davis, Charles Reid, Jason Dubois, Sebastien Toutant, Jamie Anderson, Gabi Viteri, Kjersti Buaas and Spencer O’Brien dropped into the course as many times as they wanted. The festival vibe of this year’s US Open was in full effect with a big crowd cheering for the riders as they pulled off a huge variety of tricks like Cab 50-50s, a huge backside air from Jack Mitrani, McTwists, methods, switch backside rodeo 7s, laid-out backflips, boardslides to 270 out, alley-oop front 7 rodeos and more. Even the announcers were speechless because so much was going on at once. Charles Reid took the lead halfway through with a front flip over the cannon gap, and he hung on to the number one slot throughout The Jam.
Right after The Jam, Flosstradamus capped off the night with a free live show.
Men’s Results: The Jam
1. Charles Reid (CAN) BURTON
2. Jason Dubois (CAN) ANON
3. Yale Cousino (USA) SHRED OPTICS
Women’s Results: The Jam
1. Kjersti Buaas (NOR) ROXY
2. Jamie Anderson (USA) BILLABONG
3. Spencer O’Brien (USA) NIKE 6.0