Sun Valley welcomes FREE film festival

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 21, 2011 9:52 am

Sun Valley, ID — Some of skiing’s greatest films will be shown for free at the Sun Valley Opera House in conjunction with Ski Heritage Week, Sunday, March 27- through Friday, April 1, 2011.

Schedule below:

March 27 – 8:30 pm “Der Weisse Rausch”
March 28 – 9 am “Best of John Jay”
March 28 – 11 am Sun Valley Collection: “Sun Valley’s 50th” Union Pacific’s “Sun Valley Skiing” 2 pm “Ski Time” Warren Miller, 4 pm “Ski The Outer Limits,” 4:30 pm “The Performers,” 8 pm, “Ski Racer,” 8:30 pm, “Legends of American Skiing”
March 29 – 11 am, Sun Valley Collection,”It Happened In Sun Valley,” “Skifully Yours,” 2 pm “Sun Valley Serenade,” 4 pm “Last of the Ski Bums”, 9 pm, “Gliding Through Time”
March 30 - 9 am, “Ski The Outer Limits,” 9:30 am “Blizzard of Aahhhs,” 11 am, Sun Valley Collection, Union Pacific’s “It’s On Ice,” “Moon Over Sun Valley,” 2 pm, “Ski Time,” Warren Miller, 4:30 pm, “Sun Valley Serenade,” 6:30 pm Roger Brown’s “Freestyle,” (rough cut) 7:30 pm, Barrymore Evening, “The Performers,” “Last of the Ski Bums.”
March 31 - 9 am “Ski Racer,” 9:30 am, “Legends of American Skiing,” 11 am Sun Valley Collection, Union Pacific’s “It’s On Ice.” “Moon Over Sun Valley,” 2 pm,”Der Weisse Rausch,” 7:30 pm,”Ski The Outer Limits,” 8 pm “Ski Time,” Warren Miller
April 1 - 9 am, “Ski Racer,”9:30 am, “Legends of American Skiing,” 11 am, Sun Valley Collection, “It Happened In Sun Valley,” “Skifully Yours,” 2 pm, “Best of John Jay,” 4 pm, “Sun Valley Serenade,” 6 pm, “The FIS 100 Years,” 7:30 pm, “Blizzard of Aahhs,” 9 pm, “Winter Equinox.”

“This festival is a celebration of the best ski films ever made. There are many different kinds of ski films so a real variety were nominated and became chosen for many different reasons. Some were innovative or influential leading the way, others captured people, events or times. But together I think they are our sport’s essentials and this week’s festival offers a rare moment to see them as they should be seen, on a big screen. It is interesting that all these were made on film, no video production was selected. Anyone who comes to the awards ceremony Tuesday will see a glimpse of each film, and hear from the filmmakers. From celebrating our sport’s storied past we gain the perspective to view its future,” Ric Moulton, chairman Film Institute Steering Committee, explained.

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