Spring Carnival at Brian Head Resort has an event for everyone

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 29, 2011 2:33 pm

Well, winter is winding down and that could only mean one thing.  It’s Carnival time at Brian Head!  There are activities for all ages and the  events include a Slam Rail Jam, Tennis Ball Hole-In-One, Dummy Jump, Pond Skimming and King of the Mountain Beer/Root Beer Mug Race.

The Carnival takes place this Saturday, April 2nd from 9-4 at Brian Head Resort in beautiful Southern Utah.  Separate events for adults and kids (12 and under) with all Children’s activities at Navajo Mountain and all other activities at Giant Steps Mountain.

Activities: Giant Steps/Adults: Dummy Jump, King 0f the Mountain, Tennis Ball Roll, Pond Skimming, Slam Rail Jam, Costume Contest, 2-on-2 Basketball

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Navajo/Children: Tube Pull, Free Throw, Long Jump, Tennis Ball Roll and Costume Contest

Giant Steps Schedule/Adults: (Navajo Schedule/Kids below)

9 a.m. Registration at Chair 9 Deli, third floor Giant Steps Lodge

11 a.m. Slam Rail Jam: Two 20-minute heats, Jam Style Top 10 to finals and a 20-minute final heat. No inverts allowed, and helmets are required.

11 a.m. Tennis Ball Hole-In-One: Tennis balls will be sold for $5, with the proceeds being split 50/50 between the winning ball and “Missing in America Project.” Each contestant will toss or roll their ball from the third step of Giant Steps toward the hole. (Charity details below and at www.miap.us)

12 p.m. Dummy Jump: Teams will build dummies that will be judged on creativity, amplitude, length of flight and destruction on impact. Trophies will be awarded. Dummies are to be free of pyrotechnics and family-friendly. Two team members must escort the dummy to top of jump course and then clean up after their dummy.

2 p.m. Pond Skimming: Contestants will ski, snowboard, or snow bike down the hill and try to skim across the pond without sinking. Prizes will be awarded to the winners! No nudity will be permitted.

King of the Mountain Beer/Root Beer Mug Race: The time and course will be posted at registration. This event will have two heats, one for 21 and over (must have I.D.) and one age 20 and under. In each race, the first three racers to the bottom will have the contents of their mugs evaluated and the fullest one will be the winner. Trophy mugs will be awarded. The entry fee is $5.

All-day events include the costume contest and the finials for the 2-on-2, on-the-snow basket ball tournament.


Navajo Schedule/Kids:

Children 12 and under can participate in the following events from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. The children will participate in these events with the class they are in. Children not enrolled in Kids Camp are allowed to participate and Guest Services will be there to help them.

Tube Pull: An instructor or parent will pull the child through an obstacle course completing all obstacles. The obstacles will consist of throwing a snowball through the snowman, sticking a carrot on the bunny, ringing a bell and retrieving rings from a ring holder.

Free Throw: Children take free throw shots at a hoop from a designated free throw line. The free throw line will be moved back for anyone who makes the basket. The competition will proceed until only one child remains.

Long Jump: Children will make a long jump in ski or snowboard boots from a starting line, and jumps will be measured.

T B Roll: Children will pick a ball and roll it toward a bucket, trying to get the ball in the bucket.

Costume Contest: All guests and employees are encouraged to wear a costume of their choice.