Iikka Backstrom and Devun Walsh are polar opposites: Webisode 2

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 6, 2011 11:27 am

Polar Opposites is the season long webisode series from DC’s Ikka Backstrom and Devun Walsh. One is the young guy and the other it too old to mention.  Snowboarding off cornices and filming for movies, the second installment of Polar Opposites features snowmobiles, backcountry kickers, hot action, lively banter and funny accents. 

Iikka tears it up and is a pro rider for DC, Monster, Electric, Active and Nixon.  He’s appeared in several movies like Happy Hour/Kingpin Productions, Back in Black/Kingpin Productions, Promo Copy/Defective Films, Big Blind/Whiteout Films, That/Forum, Season 4 /Whiteout Films, DC MTN Lab1.5/DC, Blackout/ Wildcats, Still Bastards/Wildcats.

Devun is a brofessional snowboarder too.  Hailing from British Columbia he jet sets around the globe riding big mountains, throwing tricks off natural cliffs and dazzles with progressive moves off backcountry kickers.  Check it out!