Meathead Films releases trailer for new movie Work It Out

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 7, 2011 2:53 pm

Subaru of New England presents an East Coast Ski Thriller by Meathead Films: “Work It Out”

From record-breaking 5 foot blizzards in Washington DC to 10 inches of rain in New England, Meathead Films spent the winter of 2010 scouring the East Coast on the hunt for epic days. No matter the weather or personal fatigue, the crew was forced to roll with the punches and just work it out.  If you catch it on iTunes you will see 45 Minutes of Bonus Movie Downloaded with outtakes and behind-the-scenes from the making of the film

Tag along as the Meathead’s relentless search takes them to the craggy White Mountains backcountry, urban alleyways of Maine, custom park jumps in New Jersey, and even to the Far East of Hokkaido, Japan on their first ever overseas voyage. Filmed in High Definition, 16mm, and Super 8mm film, “Work It Out” showcases the unwavering determination it takes to be an Eastern skier.  Watch them jump, spin, grind, launch and fly their way to ski movie immortality.

Keep an eye out for these East Coast superstars of shred: Shea Flynn, Stacey Rachdorf,  Erik Olson, Andy Parry,  LJ Strenio,  Sean Decker, Jay Bowen,  Nelson Riley, The Hammer, Radio Ron, Dan Marion, Will Wesson, Ben Leoni, Sean Jordan, Dale Talkington, Asia Magriby, Cedric TF, Tatsuya Tayagaki, Jake Doan, Peter Engen,  Evan Williams, Dave Bouchard and Ryan McDermott.

The crew rallies all over the place from Washington DC to Vermont, New Hampshire, maine, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Quebec and japan.

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Edited by: Geoff McDonald

Written, Directed, and Principal Cinematography by:


Geoff McDonald & Chris James
Additional Cinematography by:
Dylan Tucker, Galin Foley, Craig Stay, and Shane McFalls

Distributed by: WAX (