Rock Star Melissa Arnot to climb Makalu

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on April 7, 2011 5:04 pm

Beautiful, sweet, talented…the package!  High altitude climber, Melissa Arnot is getting ready to climb the 5th tallest mountain in the world – Makalu.  A few miles down the road from Mt. Everest (they carpool,) Makalu is known for its steep walls and knife edge ridges.  Melissa is know for scaling them.  The 4 sided, pyramid shaped mountain deemed by those in the know to be more challenging technically than Everest, is a one of the top Holy Grails of mountain climbing.

Melissa will be climbing with another rock star, Dave Morton and the duo are making the expedition courtesy of the company that have become the rulers of all things expedition – Eddie Bauer / First Ascent.  We’ll stop blabbing and listen to the super model / rock star!