Be a pro: Anatomy of an avalanche scare

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 11, 2011 2:22 pm

You can reach your own conclusions on this video.  Then you can use this link to the guys you tube page and comment if you like.  Most people are slamming this guy but in the end it is great information to create awareness that it is very dangerous in the backcounty and proper gear and knowledge should be a no brainer.  That’s why just stepped up huge in Utah and donated funds so the Utah Avalanche Center could remain operating through April.  The snowpack is unreal out there and having a forecasting resource issuing reports can save lives.

So back to the video, was out for a good time on a sweet powdery face in Engelberg, Switzerland. Of course he was rocking a helmet cam and starts skiing down the mountain.  The snow grabs him, he throws in the avalung and takes the ride of his life. Then he breaks it down for us after the fact.   It’s a great video and glad the guy is okay.

Hopefully this video will help people understand that they should educate themselves about snow pack conditions and bookmark avalanche report web sites so they keep themselves and others below them safe from rolling thunderous giant white snowballs.