GEAR HEADS sneak peek fall 2011: LINE

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 14, 2011 6:52 am

Gear Heads was at the SIA Snow Show this past January in Denver and we caught up with ski making pioneers, LINE.  They gave The Ski Channel the scoop on what hot new products await you for next season.  Did you know that close to 20,000 industry professionals will attend the 2012 show?

Referencing skiing a line, LINE started in Jason Levinthal’s garage in 1995 when he cut snowboard measurements in half and produced the prototype ski that would eventually lead to a revitalization of the sport.  Over the years, they have focused on going skiing and building skis for people that want to have more fun skiing.  These two simple principles have enabled them to progress the sport further than anyone could have imagined ten years ago. 

With Kris Ostness rocking the first equal height tip and tail, full length ‘real’ twin tip ski with steezy graphics,  LINE shocked the ski world with his Powder Magazine cover in ’99.  The next year Skogan Sprang facilitated LINE’S ingenuity when he was given two ski cores glued together for an Alaska trip. Calling it  ‘the mothership,’  this ski would eventually lead to the modern day twin tip powder ski.

Their creativity and innovation has also gone viral.  The award winning Traveling Circus, which is a webisode series about  it’s underground band of misfit skiers lead by Will Wesson & Andy Parry.  No high production camera crews, no heli trips to AK, just a couple of guys and a camera criss crossing the US in search of nothing but an angled surface to slide on armed with good old fashioned creativity.

Check out for skis, poles, clothing, accessories and to watch some Traveling Circus webisodes….


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