Snowsports equipment wholesale market reached $1.22B in 2010

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 14, 2011 11:18 am

It looks like the snow sport industry is making a comeback in a big way.  More than $1 billion snow sports goods were sold at retail in December – a record breaking amount.  I just found this article and it shows that last year was indeed very good for the industry.  The following is just a part of the story from Sports One Source. For the complete article click here

HEAD NV estimated that Europe generated 65 percent of the global market for winter sports equipment in 2010, which it estimated at approximately €920 million ($1.22bn) at the wholesale level. That included €320 million ($424.5mm)for skis, €150 million ($199.0mm) for bindings, €230 million($305.1mm)for boots and €220 million ($291.9mm) for snowboard equipment, the company said in its annual report, which was released Thursday.

Europe accounted for approximately 65% of the world market in 2009, the United States and Canada approximately 26% and Japan approximately 9%. The snowboard market is led by North America, followed by Europe and then Japan. There are approximately 50 million skiers and 8 million snowboarders active worldwide, Head estimated.

The company said sales of skis has declined  from an estimated 6.5 million pairs sold per year worldwide in the late 1980′s to approximately 4.1 million pairs sold in 2006. In 2010, approximately 3.2 million pairs were sold. The decline has been driven by consumers’ continued to shift to snowboarding, an absence of significant product innovation, except for the introduction of the carving ski in 1996, and the severe decline in the Japanese market.