La Parva building ultimate Olympic freestyle training facility

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 15, 2011 9:06 am

Following the International Olympic Committee (IOC) approving men’s and women’s Ski Halfpipe for the 2014 Olympics, La Parva is building the ultimate training facility to be ready June 2012.

La Parva, Chile is located in the Andes mountains and provides unbelievable snow conditions from June through October, creating an ideal off season training destination for Northern Hemisphere athletes. The resort has begun the process with the addition of the new high speed “Fabres” chairlift that gives access to five new on piste runs and will be fully operational by 2012. This sector is the prospective location for our new halfpipe and freestyle training area.

Already established as a favorite training facility for World Cup teams from around the globe including France, Italy, and Japan. La Parva is home to several FIS sanctioned courses and expect to expand training opportunities with the construction of a new halfpipe and freestyle terrain.

Halfpipe X Games Gold Medalist Jen Hudak says, “With the recent inclusion of ski halfpipe into the 2014 Olympic Games, our off season training is going to become increasingly important. La Parva is an amazing resort and would be perfect training grounds during the North American summer. The resort is spectacular, the people are inviting, and the weather is great. Having a halfpipe training facility in La Parva would be a dream come true!”

In addition to on snow training facilities La Parva expects to build an exclusive “Athlete Lodge,” that encompasses all aspects and needs of today’s elite athletes. Dry land training area, media rooms where teams can review footage of training runs, and cafeterias for team meals. This facility will be a complete on and off snow destination where teams can harness the skills they need to be the best in their sport.

For the past several years La Parva has felt strongly about integrating some of the younger, more progressive snow sports into the world’s main stage, the Olympics. La Parva was the first resort in South America to host a stop of the Subaru Freeskiing World Tour, which opened the door for other South American resorts to follow. In the upcoming 2011 winter season La Parva will be hosting The Eye of the Condor photo and video contest that will be home to several seminars about today’s global ski industry. Now with the decision and statement of the IOC its time the world is granted access to the greatest off-season training facility in the world.

La Parva Director of Sales and Business Development, Rodrigo Medina states “La Parva has always felt strongly about supporting the freestyle skiers in our industry. For many years even before the FIS first accredited halfpipe skiing we have been strong advocates of bringing the sport to the Olympics. Now with the latest decision by the IOC, and with the support from the global ski industry we would like to build the premier training facility in the world.”