Winter Park celebrates Earth Day by offering community recycling

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 20, 2011 8:06 am

Due to the longer winter season in 2011 and closing day extended until April 24, Winter Park Resort is thrilled to be able to celebrate Earth Day on April 22. To include the community in the Resort’s sustainability efforts on this dedicated and recognized day, Winter Park’s Connexion Council is working with Valley Recycling to offer a convenient location for the public to bring recyclables, free of charge.

“Grand County is a community which takes pride in our surroundings and makes a conscious decision to support sustainability, conservation and protection of our beautiful valley. Offering free recycling on Earth Day is one way Winter Park Resort can aid these bold efforts,” said Mistalynn Lee, communications manager at Winter Park Resort and member of the Connexion Council.

Items which will be accepted separately include all metal, glass and cardboard. Recyclables which will all be collected together include #1-7 plastics, aluminum cans, tin cans, steel cans and mixed paper – office paper, magazines and newspaper. Please note that hazardous materials and trash will not be accepted.

Employees will be set-up to receive recyclables in the F-Lot parking lot at the base area of Winter Park Resort, which is located on the SW corner of the main entrance, Friday, April 22, from 2pm to 6pm.

The efforts of Winter Park are not limited to a single day. Before sustainability was a household term, before going green was a common business practice, Winter Park Resort’s employees began grassroots efforts to preserve this unique alpine environment.

Decades later in 2006, the Connexion program was created to focus the energy of the employees and put an emphasis on sustainability and ecologically-friendly practices throughout the resort and community. The name Connexion stems from the links that are present between natural resources, energy consumption, ecology, commerce, experience and education.

In 2010, The Connexion Council was formed with representatives from each department, meeting monthly, with goals to effectively communicate efforts, engage employees and guests, while implementing the goals set by the council.

For more information on Winter Park Resort’s environmental initiatives, please visit the newly redesigned webpages dedicated to ecology, energy conservation, recycle & re-use, transportation, improvements and awards which the resort has received due to the diligent determination by all employees.