Winter is not over yet: Long term powder outlook

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 21, 2011 11:00 am

Time to give one more shout out before it actually is over for 95% of the ski resorts out there.  Be sure to bookmark for your powder forecasting next year.  If you’re like me with one of those bone to bone knees, it’s curcial i ski the soft snow.  Powderchaser is right on the money and he does a great job…..


- Most of us have put our boards away and are cranking away on the bikes but a few of us die hards will continue to hope for a few more days of powder especially with most areas in the Rockies closing this weekend including Alta who will re open the following weekend.  La Nina is strengthening right now and will continue to feed moisture into the northern 1/3 of the Rockies. Many of these fast moving waves are quick hitters (2-5 inches every 24-48 hours) however right now the most impressive fetch of cold air and good snow might come late Sunday into Monday for Utah and Colorado (7-14).  Another decent punch of 4-7 inches could develop tonight over northern Colorado (Steamboat which is closed), and filter down to Vail with the wind shift around 10pm.  My chase will keep me on my toes tonight with a possible last minute jolt to Loveland, Vail or whoever seems to get the most snow for some early Friday turns.  I think the amounts tonight will vary greatly due to the quick nature of the cold front. Next week continues to be wet especially Monday with some breaks on Tuesday/Wednesday.  The models are depicting continued moisture in the West for the next 10 days however the Jet Stream seems to shift further North greatly impacting Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.  My chase is going to come to an end soon for the season as I have logged 43 days on the slopes with over 500 inches of new powder  in 5 States, or over 11 inches per every day on the hill!  That’s not bad for an old man, a real job, and of course the powder addiction.  Look for an all new website coming soon for Powderchasers and an interactive weather map where you can all post your predictions and weather.  The long term goal is to take the focus to the powder community and have you become our eyes for the deep!  Enjoy the upcoming weekend as the heavier totals role in especially by Sunday/Monday. M


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