Ski Whistler: It’s going off right now

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 23, 2011 8:12 am

Whistler is definitely the place to be right now.  It won’t stop snowing and one of the hugest event packed parties in the history of the ski universe, TELUS, is in full swing.  You don’t have to believe me, check out what Mike Douglas (@mikedski) tweeted over the last couple days: “Endless Winter continues here at Whistler” and “Holy Moly!! Whistler village is going off right now for @! There’s gotta be at least 40,000 people here.”  The events are loaded up, the ski and snowboarders are throwing down and the place is packed with people from all over the world having a blast. 

Some of the amazing events include:   AXE free concert series, the Monster parties, the photography and filmmaker showdowns and the prelude to Olympic competition, the AFP World Championships featuring slopestyle, superpipe and big air.  Salomon’s Bobby Brown once again stood atop the podium taking first place with his usual amplitude and smooth style in slopestyle. He threw down a switch double 9, 270 on to 450 off of the gap to flat box, misty 5 off the cannon and a left dub 10 to right dub 10 to pick up both the win and the overall 2011 AFP Men’s Slopestyle title.

Whistler Blackcomb Senior Vice President, Stuart Rempel, is mixing it up having a good time and celebrating the amazing conditions and events with everyone else too.  “No one is complaining, but it has literally been winter skiing right up until today,”   It has been snowing everyday this April and we have now had over 50 feet of snow, the second snowiest on record.  The resort has had an amazing year.  The Heli Ski Operation has had an amazing year.  And we’re skill skiing all the way until the end of May.  Blackcomb extended their seaon to May 30 due to the excellent snowpack.

“Telus is going off this year,” said Rempel.  “Nearly all the big events are sold out.”

There is still plenty of time to get up to Whistler Blackcomb and take in the live music, perfect snow conditions and amazing events.  There couldn’t be a better way to celebrate an amazing ski and snowboard season so get out there and have fun!

Also for all you Ski Channel television viewers out there…(super pumped as The Ski Channel is now in 45 million US households) there are two great television shows airing right now that are getting rave reviews from viewers that both feature Whistler.  On The Shoulders of Giants is an amazing program that follows the building of the new tram.  If you love skiing.  If you love Whistler.  More importantly if you are at all a Discovery kind of “how’d they build that” type person – this show is a must-view!  It is on in The Ski Channel offices non-stop.  The other show is Destination Whistler which is a travel show on Whistler and features the Godfather of the whole dileo and one of main stars of “The Story” Mike Douglas.  Will be very honest, it is an expensive show to watch.  It usually costs you a trip to Whistler which is obviously money extremely well spent!