Origin of Easter Bunny and spring deals

Posted By: Selma Al-Faqih on April 24, 2011 7:19 am

Ever wondered where in the world the resurection of the Christ got mixed into a fluffly ball of cutenss, colored eggs and chocolate galore?  According to Mental Floss, many pagan’s back in the day celebrated spring using bunnies and eggs as symbols of fertility.  The Christians adopted the spring festivals into Christian holidays as a means of converting pagans.  In the 1500′s, Germans upped the ante by converting the bunny into a specific rabbit, Oschter Haws, who would lay a nest of colored eggs for good children.   Even better, children today get chocolate!

Check out the many Easter deals that are going on right now at your local ski resort.  It’s not too late to get away to Tahoe, Breckenridge, or Mammoth.  Many resorts offer specials and events for kids.  Best part, it’s spring condiions and it’s not to late to take advantage!


The Easter Bunny is hopping into Mammoth for a weekend of fun for the whole family.  Activities include Woolly’s Scavenger Hunt, live music in The Village, free snowmobile rides, outdoor activities, face painting, games and more.  Don’t forget to bring your Easter basket for the Easter Egg Hunts.


Easter Egg Hunts!  
Sunday, April 24, 2011, 12:00pm - 05:00pm


Easter Egg Hunts!
For Kids- 12:15pm
age groups:
3-5 years old
6-8 years old
9-12 years old
takes place off the deck of the Main Lodge

Big Kids geocaching egg hunt:
Dozens of hidden prize eggs around the mountain, including a “golden egg” with a special prize

Colorado just got dumped on:

Arapahoe Basin: 4”

Breckenridge: 7”

Copper Mountain: 10”

Loveland: 6”

Winter Park: 8”

Vail: 12”

Check out your local ski area for today’s Easter deals!