Mountain High surpasses 500k visitors and plans 1m in improvements

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 25, 2011 4:10 pm

Mountain High the ski resort that is really three resorts in one, closed its doors on Easter Sunday after 166 days in operation, one of the longer seasons in its history. More than 500,000 guests visited Mountain High’s three areas and resort managers are extremely happy considering the early La Nina predictions of doom and gloom.  The last day was especially wonderful as there were bikini clad coeds on every square inch of the mountains!

Says Karl Kapuscinski, President and CEO, “It was a turbulent year with many weather and economic-related challenges but sometimes that’s what makes it exciting. We couldn’t be more pleased with how the season wrapped up. We already can’t wait for next year.”

This season has ended but Mountain High is already working on its plans for the 2011-12 ski and snowboard season. More than $1 Million has been allocated towards new park features, new snowmaking & grooming equipment, and extensive base area improvements, including the expansion of the Foggy Goggle, Mountain High’s new base-area pub, that was a major hit this year.

While La Ninas are good for the Pacific North West, they are typically cold and dry in Southern California. That was anything but the case this season. Huge storms dropped 20 inches of rain in December followed by three feet of snow making for one of the better Christmas breaks. Warm weather took over in January sending LA residents to the beach instead of the mountains, but winter returned in late February creating some of the best conditions in recent memory. With snow storms all the way into April, the resort finished on a strong note and both snowfall and attendance were above its 10 year average.

Mountain High was the first area to open and last to close in Southern California in a season that stretched from November 11th, 2010, to April 24th, 2011. Highlights included the $30,000 Cholula Triple Air, the Gatorade Free Flow Tour, and Spring A Ma Jig with the Miss Mountain High Pageant. Pro riders Louie Vito and MFM filmed with companies such as Nike, Videograss, and Dangerzone, and Mountain High was featured on the cover of the December issue of Snowboarder Magazine.

Mountain High is unique to skiing in that it is literally three different skiing and snowboarding experiences on one ticket.  The West resort is renown for its park and pipe and has played host to every major hoodie wearing player in the game.  The East resort is a crazy alpine experience!  “You can be bombing incredible groomers, starring off out some of the most massive peaks you can imagine, hearing foreign languages and seeing beautiful, rich, affluent Los Angeleno’s with kids in tow…all a 50 minute drive from the second largest DMA in the country, Los Angeles.  Then the North resort is a whole different deal as it is as throwback as they come.  It is like you stepped out of an early Warren Miller movie.  Plus there is a giant tube park at that hill. 

“A lot of people think you have to go to Mammoth, Utah, Whistler or Colorado to get a great alpine skiing experience,” said Mark Nordoff a frequent Mountain High skier.  “But, you simply can’t beat Mountain HIgh’s East resort for skiing.  I grew up skiing the Alps and I couldn’t be more content on that hill.  The lifts are very professional.  The grooming is just like all the big destination resorts and the terrain is tough to beat.  It is missing the extreme Jackson Hole double black diamonds, but there are so few people who really need those types of runs to have a great time on the hill.  I meet people from all over the world there and when I am done, I hop in my car and am back at my office in under one hour.  It has made me a skier again after 20 years off.”

If you have not been to this place, let us be super blunt…GET YOUR BUTTS OUT THERE!  It is a true So Cal Gem!  Also, did we mention bikini clad coeds?