TELUS Photographer Showdown people’s choice winner slideshow

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 26, 2011 10:49 am

The six finalists for the Olympus Photographer Showdown were required to submit a 9 minute slideshow, set to music, of their best images. The theme and subject matter submitted for the Pro Photographer Showdown spanned snowboarding, skiing, surfing, skateboarding, mountain biking and other extreme sports, a much wider variety of subject matter than in previous years. Event producer Lilli Clark says “this year’s response was unprecedented and of an amazingly high calibre, which is indicative of the value of the Pro Photographer Showdown in this industry, and of the commitment and talent among the entering photographers.” Clark goes on to note that this year’s line-up of finalists features the first voted-in woman, and that this is a great step forward in broadening the appeal and reach of action sports photography.

Bryn Hughes won the People’s Choice award and here is the slideshow, enjoy….


2011 OLYMPUS Pro Photographer Showdown Finalists:

Re Wikstrom:
Re Wikstrom is a top photographer in the ski industry specializing in shooting female skiers. Her work has been seen across the globe in the likes of Powder, Skiing, Freeskier, Backcountry Magazine, The Ski Journal, Down Days Journal, and has been given honors in national and international competitions. It began with a passion for skiing and an internship with Powder and Bike Magazines. Eight years later Re is still pursuing her mission of supporting women’s freeskiing while also working as a full time staff photographer for When not shooting photos of ripping women in the winter, she can be found go-karting, laughing, mountain biking, or camping anywhere within a 5 to 25 hour drive of Salt Lake City.

Steve Lloyd:
Steve’s vision and unique perspective of photography has earned him a reputation for creating some of the most original and creative photographs in the action sports industry. Innovation and pushing creativity lay at the core of his photography. His understanding of natural and artificial light and his ability to mesh the two seamlessly in any situation has proven that there is no situation that he can’t shoot in.

His work has appeared for many commercial and editorial clients around the world including Powder, Skiing, Bike, Black Diamond, Mammut, and K2. He has won multiple awards for his creative work and was recently ranked one of the top 250 action sports photographers in the world by Red Bull. “I feel so lucky to spend time with gifted athletes in the mountain and create images that represent the way I feel about being in the outdoors. I hope that my work inspires people to do great things and to get out there.”

Bryn Hughes:
Born and raised in the dense rainforests of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Bryn began shooting photos as a teen, hit the Coast Mountains full time in 1996 and spent the next 14 years of his life documenting some of the planets most talented skiers, snowboarders and balls out adrenaline fiends.

Of course, living/working/playing (sometimes it’s hard to discern which is which) in the mountains gave Bryn ample opportunity to study natural light and capture stunning, moody landscape shots between huck-fests. Bryn has had multiple covers and photos featured in snowsports magazines worldwide (and a Senior Photographer Title at Freeskier) as well as Powder Photo of the Year 2005 and the International Photography Award for 2007.

Mike Yoshida:
Mike seems to be a perfect blend of artist, technician, journalist, comedian and work horse. In this way his images are at times beautiful, haunting, informative, poignant, personal and hilarious. Mike is an artist living his subject matter, quickly understanding the meaning of a situation and exactly where the magic moment is going to happen and what he has to do to capture it. He’s a machine, he’s a guru, he’s a friend, he’s a snowboarder, Mike Yoshida is a champion. – Jesse Burtner

Blake Jorgenson:
Known and respected for his dramatic composition and his ability to keep up with the riders he photographs, Jorgenson has worked his way to the top of his field. He has won several prestigious industry awards, including the Pro Photographer Showdown at Whistler’s World Ski and Snowboard Festival and Powder Magazine’s Photo of the Year and has shot photos in exotic locales such as the Gobi Desert in China, Mount Kenya in Africa, Nepal, Chile, the Australian Outback and Alaska as well as his home turf of Whistler and other parts of British Columbia. He is currently recognized as a senior photographer by Powder and Skier magazines and his work is sought by heavyweight advertising clients such as Rossignol, Helly Hansen, Oakley, Salomon, Red Bull and Nike.

Russell Dalby:
Newmarket Ontario is famous for producing funny men Jim Carrey, John Candy and the slightly less famous, but almost as funny, Russell Dalby. Instead of ending up on SCTV or Mad TV, Russell’s love of mountains and snowboarding drew him west to Whistler in the fall of 1997 where a few years later he began to shoot photos seriously. Fast forward around 10 years and Dalby is a staff photographer for Snowboard Canada Magazine and regular photographer for Monster Energy. At age 34 his photos grace the pages of magazines around the world, and his friends and clients know him as a reliable and consistent shooter. For the past two years Russell has called Pemberton home and he continues to make tracks and crack jokes throughout the Coast Mountains. – Dano Pendygrasse