Now playing on The Ski Channel: License to Thrill

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 27, 2011 11:57 am

The timeless classic License to Thrill will be playing on demand on The Ski Channel until July 25th.  We’ve been celebrating Greg Stump’s contributions to the ski world for many years now.  The groudbreaking movies that featured incredible cinematograhy, a sick soundtrack (see below) and of course the progressive skiing of Scot Schmidt, Glen Plake, Kevin Andrews, Mike Hattrup, Kim Reichhelm, and others.  We can’t leave out the narration of Mr. Stump and the amazing journey his movies take us on.  License to Thrill will do just what is says, thrill you to the point of wishing skis were under your feet and you just laid out a sweet shmeer turn and are thinking about getting a mohawk. 

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Just in case you dig the cool tunes so much, here is a list in order of appearance:

1) Spectrum Is Green – Nasty Rox, Inc. (Mix by CJ Mackintosh & Robin Hancock)
2) Wooba I – Nasty Rox, Inc. (Bin Mix)
3) Escape From New York – Nasty Rox, Inc. (Bin Mix)
4) 9th Wonder – Nasty Rox, Inc. (Bin Mix)
5) 10th Wonder – Nasty Rox, Inc. (Trevor Mix)
6) Wooba I (Hit the Tree Reprise) – Nasty Rox, Inc. (Bin Mix)
7) State of Love – Kissing the Pink (Nick & Jon Demo Mix)
8) Crime, Inc. – Hoodlum Priest (Demo Mix)
9) Dance Yourself to Death – 808 State (Bin, Martin, Graham Mix)
10) Wooba II-The Plake Song – Nasty Rox, Inc. Vocals: Caroline, Robin, Moose, Greg, & Ace (Bin Mix)
11) Nobby’s One – Nasty Rox, Inc. (Bin Mix)
12) Specific/Pacific State – 808 State (Graham & Martin Mix)