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Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 27, 2011 3:36 pm

In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the relentless winter of 2008 left its’ mark as one of the snowiest in recorded history, with over 600” of the fluffy white having graced the rocky range of the Tetons. The incredible snowfall total of 600” was double that of the drought-stricken 300” winter of 2007. That being said, the sequel was born… Indulge in the faceshots of the Storm Show crew as they bask in the heavenly depths of endless powder days, waist deep for weeks on end. Follow stuntman/ speedflier Matt Combs as he launches off of 500 foot cliffs, and flies away with the aid of his trusty paraglider. Death-defying skier Mike Tierney continues to stack up first descents on the exposed faces of Cody Peak, with multiple gigantic airs in the no-fall-zone of Igneous Rocks Couloir. The winter of 08 was one for the record books, the season that we all dream about, it was 600 inches…

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