VBS TV Powder and Rails present RPM from Fall Line Films

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 28, 2011 1:51 pm

This mid-season 94’ release from Fall Line Films; “R.P.M.” showcases the new school scene of flannel, big pants and plenty of “butters”. Utilizing a roadtrip format and featuring snow/skate legends Salasnek, Roach and Cardiel; “R.P.M.” takes the viewer deep into technical progression circa 1993.

The emerging California snowboard park scene has a big presence in this video. SoCal guys like Bryan Iguchi and Dave Downing handle business at Bear Mountain’s “Outlaw Park”. In Iguchi’s part, we’re pretty sure he does the first ever-filmed backside 1080. Meanwhile, Grass Valley locals like Chris Roach, Aaron Vincent, and Noah Salasnek get “Jibassic” at NorCal’s Boreal. Then Jamie Lynn joins them and The Boreal segment becomes one of the coolest things ever documented in a snowboard video.

The Northwest legends Mike Ranquet and Jamie Lynn shred powder lines at Mt. Baker. Ranquet does a solo helicopter guided backcountry segment.

To top it all of there’s a lot of awesome tunes provided by bands like Dad Kennedys, Melvins, Monster Magnet, and Supersuckers