Revered Squaw Valley skiers killed

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 29, 2011 7:32 am

Squaw Valley USA and the Lake Tahoe community lost a couple of their own earlier this week when an avalanche took the lives of local skiers Kip Garre and his girlfriend Allison Kreutzen.  By all accounts they were incredibly likable and friendly people with a passion for the mountains and lived life with big smiles and big hearts.  They were in the backcountry preparing to ski the Split Couloir and after they did not return a search party was organized.  They were found partially buried.  The following is a small piece of the story from  It contains a first hand account from one of the rescuers, Scott Gaffney.  For the whole story, please visit this link. 

“Three days ago Kip and Allison went down to ski the Split Couloir on Split Mountain. They slept and then went out early the next morning [Tuesday]. Usually at the end of a big day, they’ll call and share the details and let people know it went OK,” Gaffney said. “But nobody had heard from them, so yesterday Dan Molnar drove up to trailhead and found their car with Allison’s dog still in it. That was pretty alarming, because it’s a day trip and they didn’t bring gear with them for over-nighting.”

“Yesterday was an organizational day to get the rescue mission going, so about five of us from Tahoe” — John Morrison, Emily Turner, Jesse Bushey and Glen Poulsen and Gaffney — “got together and drove down to assist search and rescue today. We skinned up and approaching the couloir you couldn’t see a whole lot, just a bit of debris. But the scale is pretty large, so what at first looked like a bit of sluff was actually a big slide.”

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