Going Green! Jackson Hole celebrates 5 Years of environmental excellence

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 3, 2011 12:15 pm

This past winter has marked the 5 year anniversary of ISO 14001 registration for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR). ISO 14001 functions as the most widely known and respected stamp of approval for businesses who are serious about minimizing their environmental foot print. Jackson Hole continues its operations as one of only 2 resorts in the United States ski industry to have reached this high standard of approval for sustainable operations.

For its 5th year of registration, Jackson Hole was recognized for several marks of distinction regarding its environmental management system, within the standards of ISO 14001.

The external audit report highlighted a number of good practices that resulted in the outstanding overall score.

1. The food and beverage department received top marks for its Vendor Assessment Scoring, a custom score chart developed to identify and score food providers whose practices and distribution are aligned with JHMR’s environmental goals. This score chart highlights the emphasis that food and beverage has placed on sourcing and purchasing sustainable products.

2. Vehicle Maintenance was recognized for their modification of a Ford Excursion to operate on waste vegetable oil, which recycles 100% of the used oil from all the dining facilities. Plans are also underway to implement the program in other vehicles.

3. Mountain Facilities was acknowledged for the successful modification of a number of heating furnaces, as well as the addition of “programmable building automation controls” which resulted in a 20% reduction in propane usage.

4. Recycling efforts were also applauded as Vehicle Maintenance now recycles all used motor oil, as well as batteries, antifreeze, and snowmelt.