Discrete TV Episode 23: Annetts, Siebert, Taxwood and Backstrom

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 4, 2011 9:32 am

Discrete TV has busted out with masters of snowboarding for Episode 23.  Matt Annetts, Ralph Backstrom, Sam Taxwood and Griffin Siebert throwing down some terrain park action complete with kickers, jumps, rails, wall hits, spins, grindage and big mountain slaying.  These guys are no stranger to making it look easy so sit back, relax and enjoy!

From speed flying mountain tops, powder skiing in Japan, giant airs on powdery faces, bridger brigades and even solving the rubick’s cube, there is something for everyone at Discrete TV.

Discrete is a headwear company started by Julian Carr based in SLC, Utah.  The company makes dope hats you can see on skiing superheros throughout movies, magazines and web edits.  Check out their website and get yourself a cool beanie!  discreteheadwear.com