TGR May Movie Madness

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 4, 2011 11:38 am

Our friends at Teton Gravity Research are gearing up for a very special May that includes slashed prices off some of their classic films. Each week this month, TGR will be offering a selection of their classic titles at 25% off with free shipping. That’s free shipping folks!

The first four of their flicks up this week that you can chose from are: CONTINUUM ($14.95), UPRISING ($14.95), AREA 51 ($11.95) and FURTHER ($14.95).  Start getting your madness on HERE.

CONTINUUM: “Shot on location in Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska and New Zealand, TGR’s flagship film won two awards at the international Film Festival and was voted Best movie of the Year by France’s acclaimed SKIEUR Magazine. The all time soul favorite.”

UPRISING: “Encompasses six countries, seven helicopters, fourteen mountain ranges, and twenty of the best skiers and snowboarders on the planet. Travel the globe with the TGR crew witnessing first descents, exploring new terrain and visiting places most people have never heard of. This is Uprising.

AREA 51: “In 1999, TGR exposes AREA 51, a 16mm jib flick that shows skiing’s new generation going bigger than ever and pulling the sickest tricks imaginable. Filmed at competitions and sessions around the globe, this movie has it all.”

FURTHER: “Further features spine-chilling accounts of the rowdiest action, with the sport’s most progressive athletes, in the world’s most insane locations. TGR chefs up more visual madness with Candide Thovex throwing d-spin 720’s over a 120 foot gap. Shot in 16mm, further contains the most progressive, multiple angle coverage and state of the art editing in the action / adrenaline sports genre.”