The Canyons Murdock the Moose puts his back into it

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 6, 2011 3:41 pm


The Canyons Resort’s own Murdock the Moose got his paws or hooves (I’ve asked around and searched and I am still unsure which one it is) in the dirt today. The Canyon’s shared this photo above of Murdock working hard!  He got out and helped Summit County Public Works’ flood protection road efforts.  He put down his ski poles and replaced it with a shovel in paw…or hoof. The Summit County Public Works is directly in charge of maintaining all Utah country roads. So you see how important this cause is for Murdock.

If you are not familiar with Murdock the Moose, he loves skiing and getting around at The Canyons Resort.  Besides hanging around The Canyons, he can be found on Facebook and YouTube. It appears he is a bit selective with friends on Facebook right now. This makes me want to be his friend more!  Just this March, he also started his own blog where you can check out his updates HERE

He is a moose after my heart, looking out for and helping preserve our safety.  Check out one of his videos where it gives you a taste of his moose-ness.  The music in the background is from his favorite New Hampshire band called, Big Love Monster.