Signal Snowboards at June Mountain

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 9, 2011 3:08 pm

Signal Snowboards based in Huntington Beach, CA escaped to one of their favorite spots, June Mountain, for a week long get together before the end of June’s 2010-2011 season with employees, riders, distributors and friends.  

For their first Annual Retreat, Signal assured  us that “mini shreds would be come men, beers would be drank, and bangers would get logged in the hundred of cameras that made it along for the trip.”  Once the lifts closed for the day and before some serious beers were had at June Lake’s Tiger Bar, the Signal team was able to try out some custom features built by June Mountain.

Team Signal also got many good pictures and video footage, most of which will be featured in videos for them next year.  Two of the team members, Cody and Jake showed off some boards for the camera in between riding (picture to the left, courtesy of Team Signal).  






Also caught but shredding high in the sky (picture to the right) was Maribeth Swetkoff. Many heads were turning since she was getting higher than some of the guys.  Yeah!  Keep it up, Maribeth!  She not only can rip it and who knows June well, but she also also runs the June Lake Villager Inn

You can check out all the Signal boards, gear, and everyone on the team at