PICTURE: Lindsey Vonn busy at the office

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 27, 2011 11:20 pm


Stop making me feel bad, Lindsey Vonn. I know I need to be working out right now. Just kidding, Lindsey! I mean, the making me feel bad part. I do really need to workout…

If you want to see what life is like through Lindsey Vonn’s eye’s then look no further.  The most winningest Olympic Golden girl, Vonn just shared a picture (above) of her current view at her office.  Looks like a little bike action right now.  Recently back from the Kentucky Derby, Vonn is on the training field with her Red Bull water bottle keeping that amazing body fit. I would also like to state I very much appreciate this view particularly for the gentleman stretching in the background…I mean the great view of the mountains. Thanks Lindsey!!