Wildfire and evacuations near Keystone Ski Resort

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 3, 2011 2:02 pm

FRISCO, Colo. – A wildfire started Thursday afternoon that burned towards homes near Keystone Ski Resort and forced the evacuation of 20 or so condominiums. Steve Lipsher, spokesman for Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue (photo to left taken by Lipsher) reported the fires began at the mouth of Keystone Gulch, west of the ski resort at a logging site, but the cause wasn’t known.

The evacuation order was lifted Thursday night and families were allowed home after fire crews got the flames under control. Fortunately, many of the residences were vacant at this time. Unfortunately however, the wildfire had burned through about 20 acres.

Crews work through Thursday night to contain the blaze and a federal team was expected to take over management today. “All bets are off if this wind picks up and the cold front comes through and the fire runs up and over Westbridge and to Keystone,” Lipsher said.

Keystone Ski Resort spokesman Ryan Whaley said snow-making equipment could be used dump water on the fire. “It’s not threatening the resort at this time, but if it does, we’re ready to rock,” Whaley said.

Firefighters worked throughout last night keeping the fire away from homes and the surrounding dead trees. A federal team is expected to take over fire management today.