Dumping in Tahoe and No Resorts are Open

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 6, 2011 12:10 pm

This is a prime example of Mother Nature playing a trick on us – Lake Tahoe, specifically reports coming out of Alpine Meadows, is getting dumped on right now and no resorts are open to feast on all the white, flaky beauty. Oh, you silly Mother Nature. We get you have a sense of humor but please stop this!

If you have forgotten, it’s June. While the east coast has been sweltering in the heat, the west coast (mountains in particular) have been experiencing winter like conditions. Over this weekend, Tahoe has received more than 12 inches. The weekend before last was also getting plenty of snow during many of Tahoe’s resorts supposed last weekends of the 2010/2011 season. The true June gloom everyone is experiencing there are the sad faces of skiers and riders unable to get crazy on the mountain. 

Usually in an El Niño year, like last year, the west coast has unbelievably amazing snow conditions.  However, this year is La Niña, aka known as the “anti-El Niño” which means it more typically is dry period. Au contraire, says Mother Nature.

As of now, the Tahoe resorts planning to reopen for the fourth of July weekend are: Squaw Valley USA, Sugar Bowl, Kirkwood and Alpine Meadows. Hopefully some more will decide to be a part the reopening celebration for our country and all this snow.

Pro skier Jeremy Benson was able to experience some of this amazing powder on June 2. “It’s June, and today I skied powder for the first time in June in my entire life.  It was really good too.  I hiked a whole bunch of laps up at Alpine Meadows and I put a few of them in this short video, ” said Benson. 

Check out some of Benson’s helmet camera footage from Key Hole and other spots around Alpine Meadows. Times like these, it’s good to be able to get in that pow pow. Thanks for showing us regular folks stuck in the office what June pow feels like!